Ryan Cameron drops the mike at V-103

Is Ryan Cameron really dropping the mike at V-103? That is true if dropping the mike means you will no longer hear his voice on the monster radio station. After an outstanding career Ryan Cameron is leaving his position at V-103.

Ryan Cameron is one of the rare personalities that offered a home grown type of intellect during his time on the air. His witty insight is very local and he is from Atlanta. His radio style promotes this beautiful city and gives you a familiarity even if you are not from here. Still, if you are from Atlanta then you are familiar with the Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, and V-103/WVEE Radio Station. These three companies are a part of the foundation of Atlanta. In fact, on any given day you can catch a native Atlantan sipping on a cold can of Coke, right before they board a Delta flight, and bumping to V-103 on their headphones. You might even see Ryan Cameron hopping on a flight with some Popeyes fried chicken legs tucked away somewhere.

But if it is in the morning you can probably bet someone next to you is listening to The Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith. You could say that Ryan Cameron is one of the most popular Disc Jockeys on the air in Atlanta. Yet, that description is far too shallow. Even Source Magazine recently ranked Ryan Cameron at number 15 on the Source Power 30 List. That's acceptable only if Ryan Cameron just played hit music. However, diehard Atlanta Radio listeners will agree that Ryan does more than just play the music. He educates us about the music and keeps us informed of the artist and social events.

Unfortunately, on Friday, January 26, 2018 Ryan Cameron announced during his morning show he will no longer be on the air. He is no longer waking us up in the morning with that southern style humour and purposeful country grammar. He admitted that after 25 years in radio he was ready to do something different. It is sad for his fans who expect to hear that voice every morning like you expect to hear there is traffic on Spaghetti Junction.

Remarkably, in 25 years in radio he has made the music take a backseat while the listeners rode in the passenger seat as he drove us on a journey filled with compassion, empathy, and unforgettable moments. He often had real talk type of interviews and even revealed personal layers that let you know he is a conscious parent and at times a true southern gentleman.

The southern gentleman side shows when he speaks of his mother and its apparent he is definitely respectful and treats her like a queen. The fatherly side is refreshing too as Ryan often shared his hilarious moments of raising kids. Outrageous tales from finding a snake in the driveway to watching his daughter prepare for college. Perhaps, the most fascinating occasion happens every year with his Father/Daughter dance. This sold out event hosted by the Ryan Cameron foundation has become a must attend event in Atlanta. Its quite a regal time when the love in the building between fathers and daughters is so tangible it clings to you like a bowl of cheese grits. This occasion defies whatever negativity you see in media about black fathers. 

There are even times when Ryan Cameron has stopped the music. During these times is usually when there is an issue involving our community and there has to be a discussion. He has consoled families who have lost their child. He has daringly asked the mayor the difficult questions that some would never ask. He has stayed true to our Atlanta Falcons and of course the Atlanta Hawks-since he is the announcer. He has let the Atlanta Reality Stars come on and deal with tough topics on the air. For instance who can forget the Kirk Frost of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Interview?

Even with all that Ryan Cameron will probably be remembered the most for his "Friday Song." Thats right, he branded Friday's by delighting the listeners with a catchy song capable of being customized every Friday according to what plans you have for the weekend. Celebrities from all over have particpated on this legendary song. Now, its certainly a sure thing that next Friday, February 2, 2018 everyone will tune in to listen to Ryan Cameron perform that song one more time as he drops the mike and pulls into the garage for listeners to exit the passenger seat we have been happily riding in all this time. After all, the "Friday Song" is as Atlanta as the musical group Outkast. Just as Ryan Cameron is as Atlanta as the restaurant The Varsity.

If you ask me right now -"What Y'all Have?" One more week with Ryan Cameron. As a true diehard fan he will definitely be missed on the radio of course he is destined for continued success.

Monique Colbert-freelance writer (diehard fan) with Ryan Cameron after interview for Examiner
Ryan Cameron 


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